Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to being a novelist

Death Wishing did not make a lot of year end lists, but it seems to be getting steady lovin'. Just yesterday, Scott Garson posted a moving little review on his blog--which he hardly EVER updates, so a mention there feels pretty damned special. A couple of weeks ago, Robert Swartwood included DW in his year-ender, which doesn't feature much in the way of chick-lit. On New Year's day, DW was picked for the January Top 10 "Books to know" list by The DC Spotlight.

In addition to these lovely public endorsements, I've been racking up the sweetness on Goodreads--Thank you Kathy Fish, Lauren Becker, and all you strangers tossing out the stars. It's just lovely, weird, lovely, weird . . .

And you know what else is weird? Getting paid. Someone's offered me a nice chunka change to come read at their series. I want to say how much, but that's really crude. Need to do it in code. Count your fingers. Replace the word "bodies" with "bucks" at he bottom of page 9.

January 9, 2011

Celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We'll be having a party in February, where we plan to re-marry in an alien-themed ceremony. Yesterday we went to art galleries, ate and drank like sailors, and ordered Dean a new wedding band. He destroyed his burying a cat a few years ago.
Left to Right: Father of the groom, Mother of groom, Bro of groom, Gram 1, Groom, Bride, Gram 2. This was taken at our wedding party held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Millvale.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012