Curio, a collection

Curio is a collection short, creepy stories with illustrations by Mike Meginnis. Stories from the collection were serialized online by Uncanny Valley Press every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday January 10 through February 25, 2011.

Now the entire collection is available on-line and also as an e-book payable by tweet or facebook update.

Eight of the twenty-one stories in the collection are previously published, some in a different form.

“Moon Walk,” appeared in Gravity Dancers: Even More Fiction by Washington Area Women, a Paycock Press anthology edited by Richard Peabody. The Curio version is a bit shorter, rearranged for a darker ending.

“Bog Redaction” appeared in Wigleaf. I discarded the column format for the Curio version. Sorry Scott, I know the coding vexed you.

“37 lbs” appeared in Staccato Fiction.

“Seckle” appeared in Double Shiny. It doesn't appear that Double Shiny maintains an archive.

“I want to kiss!” appeared in Corium Magazine. I have restored my beloved exclamation point.

“Last Seen Leaving” appeared in Smokelong Quarterly.

“The Brewsters” appeared in Moon Milk Review.

“Inking” appeared in Moon Milk Review Anthology 2011. I think copies will be for sale at AWP.

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