Friday, April 29, 2011

Hope no one was expecting me to get any work done this weekend

Because I may be getting the pre-lim galley copy this weekend. To be sent on to the galley printers next weekend.


Plus, we just started a weight loss program. Mainly in preparation for the book tour. How doomed are we?

The main character of Death Wishing is a guy who is trying to lose weight in New Orleans.

Friday, April 22, 2011

beelines & pinballs

Looking forward to a weekend at the cabin where I don't have to talk to anyone but Dean. I'm still talk-tired from last weekend's admissions event where not only were we swamped by potential English majors and their fams, but engineering and business and everyone else, because we're offering a new writing and rhetoric minor. They'd beeline to the communications table then pinball over to us--I sure did get the impression our program looked hot.

Then there was the 17 year old who stopped by to show us her new book (quite pretty) and to let us know she's convinced the campus B&N to stock it. I hope she was 17. She mighta been 16.

Last weekend was also Conversations & Connections weekend. It was very cool, and sort of by design an indie-first event. I talked to Dave Housley about it at Plumb, and Rae Bryant did a great break down over at the Patasola Press [Caper Books] site.

All the sessions I attended tended to come back to addressing the meaningful use of social media, or meaningful promotion in general. Interesting as hell, and a philosphy we should see in action, soon--these concerns are at the heart of The Lit Pub, LLC enterprise to be formally launched late spring/early summer.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Death Wishing listed on Amazon.

So my friend's mom asked her to check out Amazon to see if my book was listed yet, and it was so she posted it to Facebook. Which is how I found out.

Yes, that is THE Dorothy Allison blurbing me.

I'm buzzy and my ears are hot.

The cover art is awesome, check out the wee little rats in the background.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Writer Tim Dicks said a couple sweet things about Curio in an interview over at Flash Fiction Chronicles. But he also talks about writing flash every day, which should drive you over to his blog where you'll see his "Story every Day" project unfolding. Really interesting stuff, and it looks like he's up to #160.

People should be talking about this project. I'll try to get to work on that.

Over at Plumb, my latest post is about trippy pinball machines. Yes, I left off Orbitor1 and Cirqus Voltaire. But those are a little on-the-nosey, aren't they?

Still not sure what Plumb's identity is. It's fun to write for, but there's a lotta WHITE DUDES on staff, and they like WHITE DUDE stuff. It's not clear where I fit in, tone-wise.