Sunday, March 30, 2008

the turn

right now I'm writing a very brief, nasty story, and waiting for the turn to occur. While I'm waiting I'll take a sec to explain myself--I'm talking about writing and writing, thinking I know what the story is about, and then I get to where the end is supposed to be only to find a dark cliff. The turn then, is the moment when the story's core reveals itself as something I hadn't anticipated.

The draft title is "Exoskeletal," and I think it's a horror story, but I'm not sure. It hasn't announced itself yet.


Scott Garson said...
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Scott Garson said...

I remember reading the William Trevor Paris Review interview. A long long time ago this was. He said something that made a big and probably unfortunate impression on me. He said how for him the diff. between a story and a novel is how w/ a story you can 'see your way around the corner' of it, or something like that. I think now that he was maybe right, but I wonder how wonderful seeing around the corner of your stories is. I think my own stuff is probably better when I don't think of it in terms of navigation. Eating is better analogy. Like: this story isn't yummy until the fourth paragraph. So cut the first three. Yummy yummy!

Laura Ellen Scott said...

thanks for the thoughts--they stuck in my head, and now the story has become a folk song of sorts.