Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why Fiction Matters/All fiction is fantasy part eleventy

Shane Jones wants me to give him about 10 bucks for his new Greying Ghost chapbook, which will have to come out of my donation to the Democratic Party of Virginia. Hope he’s happy about that. So if VA goes red again, blame Shane.

People I have terrorized in the past have been quietly promoting my stories, much to my pleasure and shame. Thanks Mike and Ryan. Sorry about those MWF schedules. I will strive to become a better person.

And finally, Barry-I'm-not-a-monk-Graham says he loves me, but he also says he loves this chick, so I'm not picking out china patterns yet.


ryan call said...

i think i had T/R both semesters, so no worries?

i want shane's chap - greying ghost looks really nice

Mike said...

Any scheduling nonsense that happened over the last three years was due completely to my own idiocy, so I feel pretty grateful for the Tuesday class this semester.