Friday, October 31, 2008

Pinball! Let's Play!

Getting interviewed about pinball today, because we own an Earthshaker! machine, and because the Department has hit bottom in its search for interestingness. I blame the election for this desperate effort.

machines I want but can’t have for space & financial reasons:
Cactus Jack (Tex-Mex cantina theme German Cacti exhorting you to throw fruit)
Bad Cats (lady hits cats with broom)
Whodunnit (actually attempts a narrative)
Wipe out (ski theme with surf music)
Funhouse (played this at a noisy festival in Houston, but we’re sure that Rudy [the heckling head] called me a bitch and dean a fucko)
Orbitor (fun with magnets)
World Cup Soccer 1994 (awesome and I don’t suck at it)
Cirqus Voltaire (give you strange feelings)


Anonymous said...

Rock bottom? You were top of the list for this new part of the newsletter! Tara said that you all had a great time talking and she thinks it will be a fun feature. Can't wait to read it myself!

Jason Frostick said...

Just finished reading this interview about five minutes ago. I didn't know your pinball machine was famous! I should have asked for it's autograph when I was losing terribly those long months ago. Also, hi!