Monday, March 9, 2009

post has nothing to do with writing, except that I'm fixing to do some

Morning 2 of our spring break trip to Ocracoke, NC, a place that is not ready for tourists, especially in this economy. Plus the weather is threatening to go all pear shaped. But the cottage we’ve rented is glorious and weird—lovely view of marsh and wildlife from the front porch, kayak launch on the canal, and a tiny cemetery in the back yard. They don’t put that kinda thing in the brochure, but it is typical Ocracoke. Thanks to Jen, who stayed over Saturday night and took us on a wind whipped jeep ride to South Point at night, which was awesome and moon-scapey. There’s a tumory big dog across the way, and he walks like every one of his legs have been broken in the past. I think I love him. I’ll try to get a pic.

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