Saturday, August 15, 2009

New story up at >killauthor # 2

The Pinter issue, which is awesome. I know everyone else is drooling over the debut of The Collagist, and they should, but when you're done there
check out "The Elvis"

That's right. Elvis. This Elvis comes from my Louisiana novel. This thing was brilliantly edited by Meg Pokrass, whom I LUFF.

In the issue with amazing folks:

Ben Spivey | Donald Illich | Emma J. Lannie
George Anderson | J. Bradley | Jesse Tangen-Mills
Jimmy Chen | K. Walker Graves | Lauren Becker | Laurie E. White | Luke Drotar
Nate Innomi | Peter Schwartz | Roxane Gay
Sam Pink | Sarah Layden | Stephen Daniel Lewis
Steven J. McDermott | Vaughan Simons
William Walsh


Roxane Gay said...

I blogged about this issue too (not just cuz I'm in it) because I don't think kill author gets near the attention it deserves. I'm making it my new project, the promotion of said magazine.

Ethel Rohan said...

Congratulations! A great issue--kill author is fantastic.

Jason Jordan said...

Kudos! Love the images your piece invokes.