Sunday, September 13, 2009

By invitation only: VIPs on vsf

okay, so I threw my little bloggy thing together, and already I've posted mini-thingies* about creating very short fiction from David Erlewine and Robert Swartwood. This is private for now, targeted to my students, but if you are a vsf-eer and you want to contribute, let me know. The concept is simple:

send me very short writing about very short fiction (any subject, technical, personal, recommended reading, etc)
+links to 2 o3 of your pubbed stories to help the argument

compensation: a bit of fun, distraction from grading, writing code, or serving your constituency, job satisfaction, promotion of your own projects (the usual)

over and out. the blog is blue for now. lotsa blue. with a picture of nuns

*I've been referring to the entries inconsistently as 'lectures' which causes confusion, but I know what I mean.

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