Thursday, May 13, 2010

trying to make the sun shine

I'm getting ready to go to the outer banks next week in hopes of getting in some kayaking and sleep, but I'm a little on edge, waiting for news about two book projects. I am happy to report that I finally started on something new--well, to be honest, it's another cabin thriller, so not new at all, except that I'm trying to write it as a novella. So far it's coming out in 1 page segments with few transitions, and any exposition is deliberately brusque and graceless. Some of the newer pieces in my ghosty-vsf collection are like that as well, with my story in the next Smokelong Quarterly being a good example.

The novella is about middle aged siblings taking post-rehab refuge in their family bay house near Port Aransas, Texas. I've been there only once many years ago, but it was an unforgettable trip, full of drama, beer, and apocalyptic jellyfish.
Lotta interesting stuff out there to read this week, but I keep going back to this interview by Art Taylor where he's talking to Alex Heard about his book The Eyes of Willie McGee. Also, you should check out 'Other' soon. They can't keep this up forever.


Ethel Rohan said...

I hope the news arrives soon and is all good. I look forward to your work in SLQ.

Socrates Adams-Florou said...

other will carry on for ever

Jason Jordan said...

Yes, good luck with everything. I like the redesign, btw. Your profile pic must never change. :)

Laura Ellen Scott said...

E & J (get me some low shelf brandy!)-thanks.

SA-F: I'll count on it then