Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top 10 typos & recommended corrections

Culled from Dean's notes--he read my draft on his new ipad.

P.12: Why "boom, boom,boom"?
P. 27: "whale tale" --whale tail
P.135: "acetic? Do you mean ascetic?
P. 190: Paula's gun & badge?
P. 277: "Rose" should be Rosé
P. 279: big concert?
P. 316: no comma between "dozen large"
P. 317: Change "Boy Dum Dum" to Dum Dum Boy
P. 318: When the doors open slowly, it seems someone is sneaking on the snoozing Elvis. Maybe "the doors slowly opened outward"? Or something?
P. 324: Qua's his wrists-- cut "his"

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