Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Thirds

"Last Seen Leaving" is the 14th story from Curio. It was originally published in last Summer's Smokelong Quarterly, something I never thought would happen. I have a virtual pile of SLQ rejections, so many that for a long time I refused to "like" SLQ on facebook because it seemed S&M to do so. In fact, I had given up on SLQ, but last February I did a reading at The Big Bear Cafe as part of the Cheryl's Gone series, and when I saw that Art Taylor and Tara Laskowski had braved the icy mounded remnants of snowpocalypse to attend, I did a quick change up, setting the artsy fartsy stuff aside for something more fun and creepy--LSL. At that point Tara was a helper-reader for SLQ, having completed the Fish Fellowship. I don't think she was even on the masthead, but she encouraged me to submit the story. I was shocked when it was accepted, even more shocked to hear that it was a unanimous yes.

I guess that's a boring story.

Dean's working on the ebook version of Curio, btw.

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