Friday, April 1, 2011


Writer Tim Dicks said a couple sweet things about Curio in an interview over at Flash Fiction Chronicles. But he also talks about writing flash every day, which should drive you over to his blog where you'll see his "Story every Day" project unfolding. Really interesting stuff, and it looks like he's up to #160.

People should be talking about this project. I'll try to get to work on that.

Over at Plumb, my latest post is about trippy pinball machines. Yes, I left off Orbitor1 and Cirqus Voltaire. But those are a little on-the-nosey, aren't they?

Still not sure what Plumb's identity is. It's fun to write for, but there's a lotta WHITE DUDES on staff, and they like WHITE DUDE stuff. It's not clear where I fit in, tone-wise.

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