Thursday, July 14, 2011


Let's seeeeee. Just sent back galley corrections to the publisher. Working on website. Got my picture taken. All these have bw versions as well, but so far my 3 yr old publicity manager says, "I like the pink one!" The pics with the meerkats statuette are in my office (hence the FROM HELL graphic novel in the back). The Dylan/bird/shadowbox pics were taken in poets Eric Pankey's/Jennifer Atkinson's office. I'm pretty sure the shadowbox was made by my dear friend Tara, the inspiration behind this very short story. My beautiful mother made the necklaces. The photos were taken by artist Jennifer Stone, who remains the only person able to take a non-freakish looking picture of me.


Jason Jordan said...

Nice site and pics. My favorite is the last one.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Thanks! I like the last one, too, except that the pose/expression is exactly like one of my boss's headshots. I gotta get over that.

Teaberry said...

I like them all-- I think the 3rd is my favorite.