Sunday, April 13, 2008

non-toxic paranoia, two moments

one—the very short fiction purveyors of Wigleaf are in early stage planning for a special autumn issue, and I don’t want to give the theme away, but the call for input reminded me of a mild madness that seized me during the summer of 2004: I was writing the first draft of my West Virginia based novel, Unattended and I had convinced myself that music was in competition with my creativity, and time spent listening was time spent not thinking hard enough about the book. That is, I felt that the two activities used the same mental juice.

two—My most recent novel project, Social Aid & Pleasure is based on a fantasy idea that sounds silly in summary form. I refer to it as my Post-Katrina New Orleans book, which shuts down most “what are you working on now?” inquiries. Not that I want to shut them down, but when I try to explain SA&P I sound really stupid. However, my friend J collects details, both as a hobby and a vocation, so he naturally pressed for more. When I gave him more he said, “You could totally milk a Broadway musical out of that.” Bless him.

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