Monday, December 1, 2008

Fiction Weekly

It'll be interesting to see how this venture works out: Fiction Weekly, coming out of Lake Charles, LA. Neat idea, attractive design. I'm still working through the stories to get a sense of things, though.

Plus, this week's story is by Ryan Crider, PhD candidate in English and Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette--one of the best schools in the world for that sort of thing. Go Ryan!


DOGZPLOT said...

"the founders of Fiction Weekly know of no journal dedicated exclusively to fiction and updated weekly."

what planet is he on. i can name without even thinking about it.

DOGZPLOT said...

i meant to say 10. in between name and without. im silly

Laura Ellen Scott said...

don't be so grinchy--that there is cloistered grad school speechifying. and being a bit assholier than thou is probably crucial to the process.

plus, fiction weekly looks awesome on my iPod touch. those are my values. hope the stories are tolerable.

DOGZPLOT said...

i like the adjective grinchy.

in the end he gave everything back.

i applaud their enthusiasm. and i look forward to reading their weekly fiction updates.