Monday, December 8, 2008

Pull tab to open

seriously, follow the instructions on the envelope, no matter how excited you are about getting your hands on a copy of Nick Antosca's Midnight Picnic. Because then you won't get all those packing boogers everywhere like I did when I just ripped the envelope open.
Can't read it tonight, though. I'm on my own with the dogs.


N A said...

yeah don't read it to the dogs, it starts with a dog unhappy

Laura Ellen Scott said...

thanks for the advice. actually, it's my spouse who is spending time in a Remote Cabin in West Virginia, and when I started reading the blurb to him by phone, he shouted "SHUT UP. STOP STOP." I don't know if that counts as a review?

ryan call said...

i just laughed at my computer screen.

im going to order it now.

N A said...

Wait! Some copies were screwed up:

We only realized the extent of the problem on Wednesday. Email me if you got a bad one and I'll put you on the list to replace.