Monday, January 19, 2009


I went to work today, thinking it was one of those "no classes, but university offices will be open" kind of crappy compromises, only to find the department all locked up. Whee! Back home in my pjs and slippers toot sweet, chiweenie writing partner at my side.

2/3 of the household went to the inauguration concert yesterday, returning battered, bemused (owing to the Garth brooks factor), and giddy. Everyone is still in high spirits today, except possibly the neighbor up the street is flying the Confederate Battle flag version of the Georgia State flag. We have our MLK poster on the door, and we're flying one of two flags we own: a rainbow striped banner that reads "PACE" (friend brought it back from Italy. Given the Rick Warren factor, we figure this covers a lot of bases. Dean might go out and get a US flag today, just because we're feeling it. Our other flag was also a gift, but apparently the colors are pro-bondage or something. Dean uses that as a curtain in his office.

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