Sunday, January 11, 2009

tan and fat

So this was our desperation in Nassau--a freaking Starbucks, just to get net access. we're so sad.

Back home as of yesterday, great trip, crummy email backlog, including a gloomy message from Richard Peabody of Paycock Press--Gravity Dancers: More Fiction from Washington Area Women is still a 'go', but it's the 2nd to last project he has in the pipeline, given the state of the economy. We're looking at May/June, with a possible launch at Politics & Prose. Frankly, this is better news (for me, since I have a story in GD) than I expected, given the ambitious nature of the anthology series.

Peabody's depression contrasts sharply with that of Barry Graham's enthusiasm from a recent interview .

Recessions suck, but it does seem like there are opportunities for small, very flexible enterprises that aren't available in better times.

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