Thursday, April 30, 2009

Novella and Pinball, naturally

Matthew Simmons' novella, A Jello Horse, is about to be released by Publishing Genius Press, and while this news is exciting on its own merits, there is a contest to win a hardback copy of the book. Simmons' call is simple: "SEND ME IMAGES OF YOURSELF PLAYING PINBALL. Or someone playing pinball. A pinball image of some sort. Just one of your own."

Finally, a pinball contest I have a shot at winning!

I own a Williams Earthshaker!, and I will submit a pic of that, but in the meantime this is a pic of a weirdie from the White Rose show a couple of years ago.


Scott Garson said...

you own an Earthshaker? since when?

when i was a kid i had a Trail Drive. pretty spare game. fast board. good for demoing the mad skillz i had then......

Laura Ellen Scott said...

I wanna say 2007? I want Cactus Jack or Funhouse, but we'd have to get rid of furniture. which is not a deal breaker.