Saturday, May 2, 2009

madness, 3rd book project?

so after my brush with near-success, which was more like a 5 week scrape on a gravel road, the logical thing is to return to the Louisiana book and finish the draft asap. But I keep thinking about putting together a short collection of 'pocket guides' like the one I have up at Hobart online, and when I floated the notion by Dean (he's supposed to say no), he shocked the hell out of me by saying yeah, do the collection, take a break from the novels. Thinking about it is fun, that's for sure.


Dji said...

I'd love to read that collection.

Steve said...

Me too.

Mike said...

Laura, I'm entirely shocked that you don't already have a stack of those things ready to go. That one in Hobart is fantastic. You should absolutely do a whole book.