Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Page 139

As you can see Newton gives not one damn about my dizzying fame. Just got this in the mail today and it's way cool, featuring blogged reviews/considerations of short stories posted throughout May 2009 by Aaron Burch, Sean Carman, Matt bell, Steven McDermott, Dan Wicket and the "guests" of the Emerging Writers Network.

It has, um, pages. Let me explain.

56:Kathy Fish, 150:Ravi Mangla, 192:Barry Graham, 140:Jimmy Chen, 184:Matt Bell, 224:Blake Butler, 307:Steven J. McDermott, 119:Meg Pokrass, 117:Brandi Wells, 98:Scott Garson, 182: Gordon Lish, 163: Roxane Gay, 154: Sean Lovelace, 315: Michael Kimball, 304: Jason Jordan, 286: Dave Housley, 130:Sam Pink, 206: Corey Mesler, 247: Mike Young, 113: Ryan Call, and seriously, a gazillion others. 24: John Updike. And there's 'sposed to be an Atwood appreciation in there but I haven't found it yet.