Monday, July 6, 2009

revision status

well alrightey, I'm "through" revision 1 in that I've gone through the draft and managed to whittle it down to 330 better pages. I got some great advice about the first 40, which I'm still applying, and now I think I may be at the stage of re-writing the chapter by chapter summary to see what this tighter version looks like, bird's eye view.

one of my worries is that I never really answer the questions of the supernatural phenomenon that drives the plot. all I do is write about the affect on my main character. hope I can get away with that.

next weekend we go to new orleans. whee! research! gonna eat and drink myself stoopid.


Ethel Rohan said...

Congratulations on getting this far. Good luck as you continue to revise, and have a blast in New Orleans.

katrina said...
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katrina said...

Wow. I'm in awe. I'm going to be starting round one of revisions sometime next week and I'm SO anxious to get to it.

i'm curious...were your pages fairly clean to begin with? Did it take you long?

I'm fairly certain I have to go back in and change some major components right from the beginning. My least favorite part of revision because I seem to suffer from lack of logic.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Truth be told, I started this concept at least 2 years ago, but it is very plot/time oriented in a way, so easier to revise than anything I've done before. The voice sort of writes itself, so that's really a blessing.

I completely get the logic issue, and this piece is my first long work that starts from a logical, cause+event core. (as opposed to me applying sense to my ramblings after the fact, or hoping that seem internal organization will emerge from the slime) It's taken me 46 years to learn that stuff should happen that causes other stuff to happen . . .

It's also easier because the thing is ridiculous.

Let me know how yours proceeds.