Monday, November 2, 2009

blogging the so-far short life of the mind

I haven't posted much lately--we're gearing up to re-kitten our lives, so I'm obsessing about that.

But there is a new subject for the writing class to mull, introduced last week after one of my students got a flash accepted at Dogzplot and another got an acceptance at Able Muse.  The Writer's blog. Barry asked for a blog link for the DP bio line.

We always take a little time to talk about how to present oneself in a cover letter/message, or more fully in a goals statement, but those are closed forms. The writer's blog is a whole nuther animal.

and speaking of animals, we're getting maybe two kittens soon. I think.


Ethel Rohan said...

How exciting for your students, and rewarding for you. Good luck with those new kittens: more excitement!

Jason Jordan said...

Kittens rule. Hope you'll post pics!