Wednesday, March 9, 2011


PLUMB is a lit & culture blog dreamed up by Charles Dodd White. My debut post is up today--it's about some DIY Katrina lit titles that I like.

Other contributors include:

Matt Baker
Matt Briggs
Kirby Gann
Robert Kloss
Sheldon’s Lee Compton
Lavinia Ludlow
Cynthia Reeser
And The Terrifying PH Madore

Too early to tell what flavor this project is, especially since I've been caught up in the technicals of wordpress. Bot so far the posts have been pretty fun.


Jason Jordan said...

I had to adjust to Wordpress for the decomP blog. I still prefer Blogger.

Nice new look, btw. Suits your new collective endeavor. :)

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Thanks, Jason. You missed our hate party on FB yesterday. Well not a party so much as mid-day cocktail break.

As for WP, I'm failing upward, having been promoted to admin status among the group. She who asks the most questions gets to do some housekeeping.