Monday, March 28, 2011

Making the list

Erin Fitzgerald's Storybucket 2011 is a compilation of suggestions, and for the time being the suggester identities are being withheld. Insanely I was dreaming about this thing for the past few days, really working up a lather. And today? Delight and confusion. Yes, one of my stories made the list, but it's a really random one from Curio called "Crimson." One that I almost cut, as a matter of fact.


Erin said...

"For the time being"? The emails were logged and thrown out. At this point, aspiring interrogators should be focusing on the weaknesses of Gmail employees.

In other news, traffic at Rarely Likable is already 600% up from the usual. Heh.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

I'm so glad. Identity is for the weak.

Time to monetize, baby!