Friday, February 17, 2012

It'll never work, right? (warning: boring writer post)

I'm still pretty sick from the cold transmitted to me via the smooch that sealed the renewal of our vows for our 25th Wedding Anniversary (the party was alien themed, and the house was completely PACKED). However, I hauled ass into work yesterday and while my students were in small group sessions, I think I sketched out the plan for the new novel. The ideas have been floating overhead like Mike TeeVee, and I've been writing pages, but there's nothing quite like trying to nail down your method on paper and seeing the whole enterprise suggest its shape.

Lotsa cheese here--

Working title: Willie Judy & The Mystery House

things I plan to do--

tell the story in scenes, 3rd person, jumping into different pov for each unit
keep it lean (70k?)

dominant story line, chronological, treasure hunt in Death Valley, world's ugliest couture brooch (cursed? sure, why not)

subplot1--the history of the brooch and its owners
subplot2--the cowboy actor's career (western movies, tv cop shows, commercials, adult movie cameos)


Willie Judy, failed NPS worker, animal lover who can't stop killing animals. Now shuttles auto parts across the desert. Sometimes refereed to as weasel-girl, owing to sharp features.

Scottie aka Rhys Nash, a Welsh ultra marathon runner, proprietor of the Alkalai Springs Resort (crush on WJ). Profound nose. Never really able to relax. Expects to be disappointed. has pot-belly pigs.

Tony Jackpot, celebrity gambler from the Timbisha Shoshone Tribe, co-owner of Alkalai Springs Resort. Brains and a secret.

Dawn, Tony's niece, coerced to work in the ASR kitchens to keep her safe from boys (crush on scottie).

Rigg Dexon/Paul Lattanzi, retired cowboy actor. Convinced he is not long for the world, Dexon signs over The Mystery House to Willie in Part 1, mistaking her indigestion for starstruck admiration.

Death Valley during the Great Bloom of 2005
Alkalai Springs Resort, rustic accommodations, great food, greater bar. THE stop for the Outside Magazine crowd
The Mystery House--shack made famous in a 60s song

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Interview, New Blog

I'm so happy to be interviewed at The Nervous Breakdown by Jen Michalski. Much is revealed. Some of what I have to say may well bite me in the ass.

Also, we've dumped the go daddy site and switched Laura Ellen Scott over to a wordpress template. I'm still playing with it, but I wanted something brighter, busier, etc than what we had.