Sunday, June 5, 2011

back to work

today is the last day of vacation--we went to ocracoke last week, and both of us got colds. I'm still coughing, making really ugly noises in my chest. oh well, seeing as I've not had a cold since Nov 2009, I think I got off easy. We went out to a Louisiana music fest thing today, headlined by Trombone Shorty. Chances of him being referenced in tonight's ep of Treme, about 70%. "Show me something beautiful . . ."

Apparently the book galleys are going out to potential reviewers this week. As part of the package I was asked to write up a Q&A, and that was tough, but I think I'm happy with the result. I wish it was funnier, tho. It's all about the gags, as far as I'm concerned. Screw literature.

We're now turning our attentions to making my big girl's website. I'm really loving Ethel Rohan's page as well as the new Lit Pub deal. I'm pretty sure I want something super simple and clean, at least to start with. But maybe that urge is at odds with having a site that people find interesting . . .

also? my vacation was 2 weeks long, and I had plenty of net access. two things I didn't do--answer work email or check htmlgiant. weird.


Steve said...

What you want on your website is a bear. That's what my extensive marketing research concluded.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

dean says I can't have a marquee scroll. was gonna put the bear there. A Quiz Bear.