Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Creative Response

So we're sort of going nuts here on Planet Lala, preparing mentally for a book tour that's gonna have us zig-zagging the nation. I say mentally, because nothing concrete is being achieved, except on Mom's end. She's making necklaces for me to read at all the events. She made everything on this table, more than half of which were strung specifically for the tour, and there's another 5 or so coming. Her designs are growing more dramatic all the time.

I have no clothes, though. I'll have to wait until near the end of summer, when I hope I'll be a size smaller.

The second pic I call "Charli's Choice," and yes, that is a Snug Harbor Souvenir Typhoon go-cup near the bottom.


Teaberry said...

Do you need me to come along on your tour to do security?

Laura Ellen Scott said...

No, I need you as an audience plant. laugh and cry and force your way to the front of the line

Teaberry said...

Just let me know when and where, ok?