Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Having a great couple of days here with a new novel idea sort of developing geometrically--a kooky desert romance + treasure hunt, maybe sorta like a 60s movie--and Dean says the concept is a winner, but I have to get my notes on the dry-erase board asap.

Thing is, I don't want to erase the board because it has my Death-Wishing notes on it (once showcased at the defunct Hit and Run blog). I'm so un-sentimental about physical stuff, but this board--I can't do it. And Dean says it's a sign of profligate madness to buy a second board. Sigh.

In other news, Death-Wishing just popped up on a British distribution site with a slightly different and spoiler-y plot description. The more I look at book jacket summaries, the less I understand them.


Teaberry said...

I will get you a new board.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

what? you got a connection? you can hook me up?

Teaberry said...

Hell yes... I can get you a new board easy. High quality, premium stuff. No stink, good erase. Imported.