Saturday, May 30, 2009

Light & Air

Finished Shane Jones' Light Boxes, which was both fun and frantic, like Arcade Fire songs. So much of the book is about the fragility of despair and how it will always be weaker than magic, which means that no matter what happens, humanity is recoverable. The book is very accessible, concrete, matter-of-fact, and startling.

Then I got my mac air. Try reading an apple manual after reading Shane Jones. There's a certain shared friendliness that weirds me out.

Today was all about test driving the computer, looking at my novel manuscript. Dean's advice, revision-wise: "please put chapters in."

Then we did danger gardening. There has been a huge broken branch caught in other branches swinging over our house for some time now. So we tied a shoe to a rope, tossed the rope over the supporting branch and shook the bugger loose. Spiked a deep divot in the ground near the porch, but missed the cardinal's nest (which has a lone cowbird egg in it).

oh, almost forgot--the pic in the previous post has naughty bits in it. I didn't know that.

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