Thursday, May 21, 2009

so hows youalls novelses goings?

katrina finished her draft, gary hit 200pp, david seems to have gone underground with his. I'm 4 complicated scenes away from my planned ending, having taken a surprise detour into a sex scene that's sorta didactic. it's the last good time in the book, the last time everone's a winnah! now for the collapse of all we know and love.

just finished reading Gillian Flynn's Dark Places, a great book that should be called Grotty Places. I swear each time the locale changes, it gets grosser and grosser.

I'm going to try write all weekend, but if I have to stop, I plan to start reading Light Boxes. hope it doesn't mess me up by being too good. And the thing is so attractive that Dean says he wants to read it. Keeps eyeballing the book like it's some fascinating new pet in the house, but not a kitten or puppy. More like a gecko.


Steve said...

If you're like me, reading Light Boxes won't help any writing get done because suddenly your own imagination (and its novel-in-progress) will seem grossly inadequate.

I find reading fiction while working on a novel to be tricky, because I unintentionally change my narrative voice in response to what I'm reading. Right now, I've got a draft that's half Per Petterson, half Michel Houellebecq, and half Frederick Buechner. And it's an awfully short novel to have that many halves!

Laura Ellen Scott said...

that's it exactly. I read to get my own language going, but I'm also a pickpocket of style. wish I could steal something more useful.

Steve said...

"Pickpocket of style" is a great phrase.

katrina said...

Go, Laura Ellen, Go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, David's novel is going about as well as David talking about himself in the third person. I'm blocked in all facets of writing. Yay! I'm going to grill all day and see if I can anything going. Right now looks like nunca cooking.

Kudos, Laura, on working through it and everyone else. I'm the loser here. I'm the effing shmuck. Sorry, I just saw Swingers and that was my Mikey impression from the casino visit.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Been worrying about your comment for hours until it dawned on me that "grill all day" is not a euphemism.

what happened? plot puddle up on you? they do that. start a new project (not writing. build a bike shed without plans) so you can neglect it to write.