Wednesday, March 31, 2010

diminished capacity

got slammed with a FAST cold that has slowed me down over the past couple of days, but I can't let March 31 slip by without noting that it's the final day of my selections for Everyday Genius, and I chose to end the month with Steve Himmer's novel excerpt for what I think are obvious reasons. For a couple of hours there this morning, the post was up as being from Steve Zimmer, which may have been Adam's subconscious desire to solicit a sub from either Carl Zimmer or Steve Zahn.

I was going to do a March parade of all the work we featured, but Adam beat me to it. NICE.

In other news, I have a piece called "Seckle" in the latest issue of Double Shiny, alongside work by Kyle Hemmings, Jac Jemc (kept dreaming that name in my Nyquil visions), Neila Mezynski, Brian Oliu, Matthew Savoca, and Chris Taylor.


Robert said...

Or maybe he was listening to some soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer ...

wv: aptio

Teaberry said...

The story is good!