Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fictionaut Five: La Meg i-views me

Thank you Meg Pokrass for letting me gas out at Fictionaut.


Dji said...

I also feel close to the Mason catalog.

Anonymous said...

To clarify; I think you're right, 'artistic peer' is more appropriate now. I meant mentor during college. We've both written awesome, unpublished novels. Peers indeed!

I think when you're young, re: younger than 25, there's an inclination to call anyone kind and informative a mentor. But as you say in the interview, it's institutional, so maybe the term has lost some of its meaning.

Anonymous said...

great interview!

thanks for your post on my blog and for publishing my "old" story. ha ha, it's really not an old story. i wrote A FAR FAR shittier version of it in 02...other than the first line everything changed.