Monday, March 22, 2010

I want to kiss!

is the name of my story in the stunning debut issue of Corium Magazine. This is one of the stories from my gothic leaning collection, Curio, so to all you moneybags publishers out there--I got more like that.

Greg Gerke and Lauren Becker really worked with me on this one, but they did take away my exclamation point. I'm almost over that, especially seeing who I'm in there with--cripes!:

Stephen Elliott
Donna D. Vitucci
Sean Lovelace
Alec Niedenthal
Adam Moorad
Kim Chinquee
Scott Garson
Andrea Kneeland
Kathy Fish
Sheldon Compton
Julie Babcock
Ryan Ridge
Beth Thomas
Laura Ellen Scott
Christina Murphy
Eric Beeny
Shaindel Beers
Corey Mesler
Sam Rasnake
Rusty Barnes
Cami Park

Haven't started on the thing yet, but WOW.


Eric Beeny said...

I really like "I Want to Kiss," Laura. It's great sharing some quantum space with you...

Jason Jordan said...

Your piece rocks. Love the moth imagery.

Teaberry said...

It was a good story!

My word verification is "tater".

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Thanks guys--but J, what do mean by imagery? MOTH MAN LIVES.

katrina said...


Ethel Rohan said...

Vivid and visceral, LES, dark and disturbing. The best of luck with the collection. Offers and contracts are in the air!!!