Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everyday Genius, March 22-26--oh wow

so there will be a lot of new things out this week, but EG will be on fire every day:


They teeter. They totter. They fall, knees pressed together, into crumpled heaps.

—from Roxane Gay’s “Boys in Drag”


He looks about to cry. His shoe comes at my face before I can close my eyes.

—from David Erlewine’s “Buried”


They told her that she was an orphan, a feral child. To repay her rescuers, she became a prisoner of science.

—from G. Walker’s “An Experiment”


Under the dog’s old quilt they listened to the voices inside the butter-light windows, Aunt Louie’s laugh rising over the murmur, an unidentified man cough.

—from Jen Michalski’s “The Turn of Things”


My old buddy Asidri burned to death on a lava cavern tour and was chewed on by a goblin. Post-mortem.

—from Erin Fitzgerald’s “At Grayfield Keep”


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you'd been in Hayden's Ferry and Plougshares. I knew the latter, not the former. Wow.

This week looks bangin'.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Back in the stone age, but yeah. I don't even think I have a copy of th story except in the magazine.

But I only just noticed--Tara Masih was in that issue, too, and she just did a VIPsonvsf entry.