Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and it's only tuesday

So people are starting to get their copies of Death Wishing from Amazon, and oddly enough some folks have reported getting two copies. Shrug.

A fantastic review + giveaway went live at Erin Reads, and so far it looks like folks are responding very positively.

One thing seems clear--I sort of have to put the book in people's faces, BUT that's working. I did the Last Rites reading in Baltimore on Sunday. The crowd was small, as the event was scheduled at the tail end of the Baltimore Book fest, but my book went over very well. I have officially joined the ranks of indie writers who hoard 5s and 10s to make change. There's a story problem there: If three hipsters each have a 20 dollar bill, the barista has three 5s, and the guy who came for the warm canned beer has two 10s, how many books can two writers sell if their book are going for 10 bucks a pop? (hint: the second writer has a cold, so she's been sipping on a red plastic cup of whiskey) There were three readers and a country singer named Happy Haines. One guy who bought my book sat down in front of me and immediately read the last page.

Next weekend is Scranton, and the Pages & Places Book Festival where I'm scheduled to offer a workshop session on fiction and writing culture.

I promise to try for more variety in these reading pics. Enjoy the blur:


Steve said...

I got my copy yesterday — good looking book.

Also, I stayed in that Baltimore hostel over the summer and left a copy of my book in that room where you're reading, with a note asking folks to carry it from hostel to hostel and email me with where they saw it. Still haven't heard from anyone about where it's ended up, though.

Laura Ellen Scott said...

I didn't see your book there, not last month either, so it must be traveling. But a hostel-hopper with a hermit book--do your really think they'd be inclined to email you? My guess is that it's cached somewhere.

Robert said...

You might want to consider getting that cube thing to put on your phone if you're going to handsell copies. I know writers who use it for credit card sales and they say it's really easy. And are you going to be in Scranton next week or this weekend? Cause if it's this weekend, my wife and I might be able to make it up there. Maybe we could get lunch or dinner or something in between.

wv: topur

Jason Jordan said...

I just got an e-mail from Amazon saying that my book has shipped. :)

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Robert, the Scranton thing is Oct 1--this Saturday. It would be cool to see you guys.

Jason, I thought I sent a copy to decomP, already? Well, the uncorrected proof is super-uncorrected, so if I didn't that's not too bad. The finished product only somewhat uncorrected.

Jason Jordan said...

I haven't seen one for decomP, but do you remember if you sent it to my Indiana address? If so I'm experiencing a delay with my mail being forwarded. I talked to the post office about it today and they said my stuff should be in queue, and theoretically arrive sooner or later.

Go ahead and email me a PDF, if you would. That way if the print copy shows, cool. If not, no big deal. Sorry for the hassle, though.