Saturday, September 24, 2011

Versions & Releases

So everyone I know who pre-ordered Death Wishing via amazon has recieved notice that the book has shipped and should arrive by September 28, well ahead of the publisher's release date of October 1. The release date is still listed as Oct 11 elsewhere, but I'm not sure if that means anything at all.

A friend of mine noticed that the iBook version just popped up for pre-order along with a 23 page sample from the beginning of the book. And today, the Kindle version appeared for pre-order as well. both ebook versions are listing for $9.99 so far.

I just had a mini-freak out in the post office having gone there to send out a few copies to VIPs. Glad no one was there, but it was weird. I don't have anxiety attacks. Those are for OTHER PEOPLE.

Tomorrow I'll be at the Last RITES reading in Baltimore. This is a lovely series held every last Sunday of the month in a hostel set up in a 1850s mansion across from the Baltimore Basilica. Check out the room:

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