Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A very good day

My reading at Fall for the Book went very well. I saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, tons of alumz, and I signed many books. The tent was about half to two thirds full when I started, but by the wrap up it was SRO. I guess hearing some crazy lady reference butcher block table sex will make your average busy sophomore pause for a listen.

While I was reading, Amye Archer's review of Death Wishing went live at Necessary Fiction. It's a great review, plus anyone googling for Jerry O'Connell is going to check it out. THAT's marketing genius.

It was a terrific pleasure to have fellow Ig-mate Jacob Paul at the festival. You can see him at far left of the audience pic below. I introduced his reading later in the evening, and he read a bit from Sarah/Sara but also from a fascinating new manuscript he's calling Chelm Dreaming. Later he visited my class, where they wore him to a nub.


Robert said...


wv: evoth

Jason Jordan said...

Indeed. Glad it turned out well for you.

Audrey said...

Will Jerry O'Connell become the next Laura Ellen Scott?

Congrats on the book success!

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Audrey, the JO reference is slightly worrisome, as I have seen hem referred to as a "killer of shows," sort of like Blair Underwood and Jimmy Smits

Thanks guys!