Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Everyday Genius! I'm the March editor

I am blown away by the fact that Adam Robinson is going to let me select everyday genii for the March 2010 issue of Everyday Genius! Seriously, I'm over-excited.

You know my tastes in fiction--I like the weird common and the common weird, well under 500 words, but I'm a sucker for anything with a killer first line. As for poetry, I'm a fan of the DC poetry scene and Language poets in general, and not really into straight narrative poetry. I like poetry that forges new paths in my brain. But you never know.

Official guidelines here.


Scott Garson said...

i really can't say how much i'm looking fwd to checking out yr picks, L. give Kimball and Young a run for their money!

Crispin Best said...

amazing and good

les is more

Laura Ellen Scott said...

Crispen, Scott--I've got 23 slots to fill. That's an 11/11 split between you with one collaboration. get cracking!